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Queen Victoria Small Diamond Crown Replica - Gold Tone Edition

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After the passing of her beloved husband, Prince Albert, Britain's long reigning, Queen Victoria, spent years in seclusion, mourning her spouse. Due to affairs of state, the monarch had no choice but to emerge from her isolation and resume her duties.

No longer interested in all the pomp and circumstance, nor wearing elaborate jewels, she found most of the 'official' palace crowns, too large and heavy.

She remembered a diamond necklace in her private collection, with enough stones, to commission a special, 'smaller' crown. She conferred with a local London jeweler and the Queen Victoria, "Small Coronet", was created.  HRH, would use this diminutive but beautiful crown, for the rest of her reign.

Before her passing, she arranged to leave the piece to Britain and, it can be currently viewed in the "Jewel House", located in the Tower of London, next to the Thames River.

Our inspired version is much larger, measuring 7 inches in height by 7 inches in internal width.

Because of the amount of crystals and metal, required to craft this crown, it is amongst our heaviest, weighing slightly under 1/2 a pound.

ITEM # K-349-G  ( Gold Tone )

$ 375.00

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