FAQ / Privacy Statement/Legal Advisory

CrownMasters is a online store, based in Puerto Rico, West Indies. There is no physical store available for walk in customers.


The products CrownMasters offers on our online store, are made with environment friendly metals, which are lighter weight and make wearing our crowns more comfortable, as they are not as heavy as the more traditionally crafted ones.

Our products are made to order for each customer, which may also include requests for certain customizations, based on availability.

Before placing an order, if purchasing one of our "full round" crowns ( these do not have an expandable headband ), make sure to measure your head correctly.

Most of our round crowns measure 7-8 inches in width from front to back, across the scalp. A few, even measure close to 9 inches.

It is best to read the crown's description and determine if the crown will fit you as is. If not, we do offer a re-sizing modification, using a fabric covered, foam "insert", which is applied to the inside, base of the crown. Note, this option is NOT available for ALL crowns, check with us first, before placing the order.

The fabric's colour is dark blue and actually makes wearing the crown quite comfortable and regal looking. With the insert, the internal width, can be reduced by several inches, from 6 to 8, depending on the specific crown. 

CrownMasters will not assume responsibility if you order a full round crown that will be too large or too small, as all sales are final.

Complete sizing and description information is provided on our website, to help you choose a crown that will suit you, PRIOR to purchasing it.

For your convenience, we offer a simple format to do this. Please refer to the "FAQ" section further below for details.


Please note, all sales are final and non refundable, no exchanges are accepted. We manufacture our products to order, for each individual customer.  Items are fully described, including dimensions, with front, side and back photos. If you have any questions, email or call us, before placing your online order. 

NOTE: If your order is received after hours or during the weekend, holidays,  it will be processed on the next business day.

Once the payment is received, which takes approximately 24 hours to clear, your merchandise, will be shipped via USPS, unless otherwise stated, within 7 days.

We will provide you with a tracking code to monitor the delivery process.

For international orders, these will be shipped via USPS International Post and take 15 to 20 days to arrive at your destination, longer, if you live in remote locations. This time window does not include customs delays. Note that some countries may impose import taxes and fees.

We have added more form of payment options, including Applepay and Venmo, among others, please check our website for all the forms of payment accepted.


If your package is delivered to your "ship to address" and you or someone else, is NOT there to SIGN for it, the delivery person, will NOT leave the package at the front door, this is for your own protection. A note will be left at your door, with instructions on how to re-schedule delivery or, pick your package up at the post office. Please have photo ID available.

Failure to have the item re-scheduled for delivery, or having it sit at their facility, beyond 15 days or more, will result in the package being returned to CrownMasters, unsecured, subject to loss and or damage, enroute. 


We assure and fully inspect that all items are shipped with nothing missing and free of any damages or broken parts to the crowns, scepters and other jewelry products.

There are times that security agents at airports, seaports and other trans shipment points, may open packages to inspect contents.

Their handling of these packages and items therein, may not always ensure that nothing is broken or otherwise compromised, this is beyond our store's control.

Further, the package may be mishandled by USPS and other shipment services providers and airline/airport staff, resulting in stones falling off or an item becoming damaged or broken. This is also, beyond our control.

In the event that your package arrives with damaged or broken items, please refer to the FAQ information below for further instructions.

A note about missing stones:

Once you receive your package, carefully inspect your item (s). If any stones are missing, look inside the box, including folds and flaps, they may be there.

We do not carry or sell, extra loose stones. 


If you have placed an order and for whatever reason, you wish to cancel it, you will need to do so, BEFORE Midnight of the day you make the purchase. This is because, once an order is received, we begin the process of creating your item immediately, to assure timely shipping.

If you cancel beyond this time limit, your purchase will not be refundable as the item paid for has already begun to be made. 




Q.- Claims

Any claims, concerning orders, must be submitted in writing, via email, within 30 days of receiving merchandise. CrownMasters will do all possible to provide an amicable and fair solution to your claim or dispute. Claims can be emailed to [email protected].

Q.-Refunds/ Items damaged  enroute by USPS and other shipping companies:

A.-Since we manufacture our products to order,  all sales are final and non refundable.

If you received your order, damaged in transit,  hold onto the merchandise and the packing material, then, contact us. We will call  the carrier on your behalf  and get back to you with an update  and further instructions, usually within 1-2 weeks.

Please keep in mind that claims filed with the United States Postal Office and all other shipping companies, can take  45 - 60 days to process, while all proof of damage and supporting documentation is reviewed by their insurance claims dept. Any replacement of merchandise, refunds or other types of compensation, will remain pending, until final decision is received by the service provider. At that time, we will contact you regarding a replacement item or refund. Depending on the nature of the claim, we may ask you to return the merchandise back to us in the same container/box it arrived in.


Important notice about ordering "full round" crowns:

Please be sure to measure your head correctly, before placing an order for a crown that is completely round, as these do not expand or contract. Also, keep in mind the type of hair you have, as this will determine how the crown will stay in place while it is worn.

Full crowns for children:

If your scalp diameter is 7 inches, do not order a crown that measures 7 1/2 or  8 inches, as it will not fit, or vice versa.


Adult, full crowns, an option to reduce the interior width dimension:

We offer the option of inserting a felt fabric interior foam padding, that can bridge the gap in those instances, please request it at the time of ordering.

The foam, is covered by the felt fabric and then, attached with jeweler's glue to the inside perimeter of the crown. The lining's colour is, royal blue.

This is considered a customized crown order and it is, 100% non refundable, returnable or available to be exchanged.

Suggestion on how to measure your head for "Full Round Crowns":

Take a measuring tape, wrap it around your head, exactly where you want your crown to sit. Lay the measuring tape on a flat surface and read the dimension therein. Divide that number by 3, that should give you your specific size for your head. Most of our full round crowns measure 8 inches across the scalp. Read below for re-sizing options.


CrownMasters.com is commited to customer confidentiality. We hereby disclose our information gathering and 
dissemination practices for our website, www.crownmasters.com

Your IP address is used to help identify you and your shopping cart, and to gather general demographic data about our client base.

We gather visitor's contact information (email address). We do not retrieve financial information ( account or credit card numbers). Contact data from the order form is used to send orders and information about our enterprise to our clients. 

CrownMasters will utilise the contact information to reach the client when needed to in relation to a pending purchase or product inquiry.

It is our foremost policy not to sell or forward data from our client base to third parties or other entities for the purpose of unsolicited emails, printed matter or other types of sales and marketing efforts

No credit card information, digits, expiration dates or security codes are stored in our servers.

Should you have any concerns regarding our privacy parameters, please contact us by email at:

[email protected]                        

                                                                     Legal Advisory 

 All text, descriptions, written content, format and design,  of this website, is copywrited material of CrownMasters.com, and it's owners.

As such, any copying of said text, descriptions, format, design and written content contained herein, without written permission from Crownmasters.com and it's owners, shall constitute infringement and unauthorised use or copying, hence, stealing.

Any such action by anyone, individual or enterprise, regardless of location, shall be subject to legal intervention and or, financial compensation to the fullest extent of United States as well as international laws.

This same advisory, will extend to any unauthorised use of photos and graphics of any product contained within this website, or the copying of any style or design of items herein. 


Our products are manufactured, marketed and sold, to adults, 18 and over.

Use by younger teens, minors and toddlers, are to be supervised by adults.

CrownMasters is not responsible for any injury, damage or misuse therefore.

Further, most of our crowns and tiaras, will not fit children under 8 years of age, or,

are not recommended for that age group due to the design of these headpieces, stones that may fall off, etc. Please take this into consideration when placing your orders.