Taking Care of Crowns and Tiaras

Crown storing
It is always better to keep your crowns away from moisture, sunlight and dust. It is recommended that you keep it in the cellophane bag in which it  was received until you can acquire a case or other secure storage item. Never place crowns or tiaras in plastic bags because the moisture in the air with temperature fluctuations, creates a steam gas like substance that eventually will affect the crown,resulting in tarnishing. Always use cellophane or paper bags. If you do decide to purchase a case or other storing product, you are welcome to email us and we  will try to assist you.


Choosing crown cases and other storing items
Although there are many types of cases, containers, bags and other assorted storing options in the market, our best suggestion is to always protect your crowns from humidity.

Avoid using plastic cases and containers. You can choose options made from wood, glass, metal or plexiglass,  as long as it features a fabric lining to absorb moisture.


How best to keep crowns and tiaras from tarnishing
In most supermarkets, you can find a good selection of anti tarnish products. These are excellent to use with a cloth and are the best options for this purpose.


Best way to keep crowns and tiaras clean
Do not immerse your crowns or tiaras in any type of liquid. Visit your local  supermarket and purchase a cleaning product suitable for items made from metal, for which you can use a clean piece of cloth for.


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