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Queen Victoria Small Diamond Crown Replica

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After her husband, Prince Albert, passed away on 14 December 1861, Queen Victoria lapsed into a long mourning period that lasted over 10 years. Because Great Britain and the Commonwealth, needed her active presence in the affaires of state, the Queen was forced to re-emerge to life outside the walls of Buckingham Palace and oversee matters of goverment.

Prior to her first opening of Parliament in London since coming out of mourning, Queen Victoria discovered that the "state crowns", were too big and heavy for her to carry on her head, especially since she had taken to wearing a "widows veil".

She retrieved a necklace that she personally owned containing several thousand diamonds of different sizes and cuts. She contacted her favourite jeweler in London and had them create a small headpiece, encrusted with the diamonds of her necklace and that, dear chums, became the famous "Queen Victoria Small Crown".

She wore the headpiece on a regular basis throughout the remaining years of her life. Upon her death in 1901, the crown was placed over her coffin as the procession made it's way through the streets of London.

Today, portraits of Queen Victoria wearing this crown can be seen all over the world. In London, at the famed "Victoria & Albert Museum", there is a commanding painting of the Queen with the crown over a veil, depicting her as Empress of India.

The original piece is displayed inside the "Jewel House" at the Tower of London, for although not officially part of the "Royal State Regalia of Crowns", she wished to leave it as a gift for all of Great Britain and the world to remember her by.

Our inspired version of this historic crown measures a majestic 7 inches in height by 7 inches in width.

It features an arched design, topped by a jewel encrusted orb and Maltese cross.

Set in silver tone high quality metal, the crown is awe inspiring and a sight to behold, containing brilliantly faceted Austrian and Czech crystals.

Crownmasters, the world's favourite purveyor of quality, British royalty crown and tiara inspired replicas.

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