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Princess Margaret Tiara Replica

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During her life, Princess Margaret was a beautiful, elegant trendsetter. Her love of fashion and jewels was known the world over. Her personal collection included several crowns and tiaras, whom she wore at official Royal events.

We remember Princess Margaret Rose with this stunning tiara, reminiscent of the piece created by R & S Garrard circa 1900. The original tiara was set with diamonds and turquoise stones and given to Princess Margaret as a gift, by her mother, Queen Elizabeth I.

Our inspired version captures the essence of the original tiara, featuring hundreds of brilliantly cut European imported crystals and simulated sapphires in varying shapes, including round, oval, marquis and pear.

The tiara stands 4 inches tall by 7 inches in diameter, set in platinum look high quality metal.

A unique feature are the 11 blue simulated sapphire stones, which dangle from secure settings, creating movement and light, thereby enhancing the glamour and sophistication of the piece.

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Item # K-369-S CLEAR BLUE