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Lugano Regal King's Crown

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One of the most commanding unisex crowns in our collection.

Crafted with hundreds of clear, faceted Austrian clear crystals, set on gleaming gold tone metal, this headpiece is ideal for someone wishing to make a statement.

Perfect for mardi gras events, homecoming kings, stage productions, imperial court coronations and masquerade balls.

This crown measures 5 1/2 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter.

Optional interior felt padding is available for these crowns as follows:

6.5 Diameter

7 Inches Diameter

7 1/2 Inches Diameter

8 inches ( No padding ) ( All padding is complimentary, please state if you wish padding or not )

Crownmasters, the best option for homecoming king crowns


ITEM # K-115-G-All Clear

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