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Tsarina Feodorovna Tiara

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Our clients say that this tiara is amongst the most beautiful in our collection. We agree.

This replica is faithful to a piece worn by Imperial Russia's last reigning Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna.

Throughout the 18th century, Russia, in particular, St. Petersburgh, site of the world famous Hermitage, was the setting for lavish balls, pomp and circumstance and other high level royal events. The tsars and tsarinas were known lovers of gold, silver, stones of every shape and size. They commissioned many beautiful works of art, in the forms of crowns, tiaras, earrings and necklaces.

Our tiara, is set in gold tone metal with hundreds of Swaorovsky style round, marquis and pear shaped stones.

Adding to the drama, are 25 round and oval shaped Amethyst coloured stones, making this tiara a most elegant and romantic piece to wear to the opera, a gala costume ball or other truly regal affair.

The tiara measures 4 inches high and can be adjusted with a metal band.

Crownmasters, your best online store for European royalty crown and tiaras replicas.

Item # K-97-G

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