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Royal Oslo Simulated Emerald Tiara

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During Napoleon's reign, his wife, the Empress Josephine, acquired many stunning jewels, including a breathtaking diamond and emerald tiara, which she was fond of wearing to high society Parisian events.

After her death, the tiara was passed on from one royal house to another, eventually falling into the hands of Queen Josephine of Sweden.

Today, it is part of the royal crown jewels of the Norwegian Royal Family in Oslo.

CrownMasters has commissioned an inspired piece, based on this elegant tiara.

Measuring 3 and a half inches in height by 7 inches wide, the tiara is crafted in high quality platinum tone metal, with hundreds of European faceted crystals, simulating diamonds and emeralds. The headband is expandable for a secure, comfortable fit.

Ideal for brides, debutantes and many other formal affairs, as well as collectors of royalty memorabilia.

Crownmasters, this is your source for European royalty crown and tiara replicas.

  • Item # K-142-S CLEAR EMERALD