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King George IV State Diadem Replica

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Prior to his coronation in 1821, King George IV, commissioned a new crown to be used during the official ceremony at Westminster Abbey. His Royal Highness, bestowed this honour on the firm, Rundell, Bridge and Rundell.

For the first time, he departed from the traditional "Fleur D'Lys" motifs used by British royalty for the state crowns and chose instead the "Maltese" cross along with the symbols of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England, to make up the new design. The Privy Council was not "amused" and recommended King George abandon his new crown in favour of something more conventional. Adding to the Privy's dismay was the King's addition of cultured pearls to the base of the diadem.

Ultimately, the Privy Council won and King George never wore the crown. The piece was handed down to future monarchs, including Queen Victoria, Queen Mary and HRH, Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

Presently, the crown is the most visible and most frequently used by her Majesty. It is depicted on national currencies the world over, paintings, portraits and other articles of official significance to the throne.

Our "Unisex" version is faithful to the original, featuring the pearl and crystal base along with the Maltese crosses, shamrocks, thistles and roses.

Adding to the look of the crown,  is a single amber tone crystal in the centre, simulating a honey coloured diamond.

We have crafted this crown with beautiful Austrian rhinestones, faux pearls, set on light weight, silver tone metal, for comfortable wear.

The measurements are 3.5 inches in height  and 7.25 inches in diameter.

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