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Queen Victoria Royal Crown Replica

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Among the many pieces of jewelry, Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria, was a self-designed crown made up of round and emerald-cut diamonds. This crown became one of the monarchs most cherished gifts from her beloved Albert. The secret has it that Victoria preferred using this coronet over any of her more elaborate headpieces, due to the fact that it was designed by Prince Albert, exclusively as a token of his deep love of her...

Our inspired crown measures 7 inches wide by 7 inches in diameter and stands 3 inches tall. Set in gold-tone, high-quality metal, the piece features well over 1,000 imported crystals in round and emerald cut faceted stones. It is accented with 9 "tear" shaped simulated pearls along the top portion.

Crownmasters, the world's favorite purveyor of quality, British royalty crown and tiara inspired replicas.

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