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Louis XV Rhinestone Men's Crown

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In the year 1223, King Louis was crowned at Reims, France. The King ruled under the Capetian Dynasty, along with his wife, Blanche of Castille, Spain.

During this time in French history, the "Fleur D'Lys" motif against shades of Royal Blue was most 'en vogue' and it still endures today, as symbols of national pride and prestige.

Our crown is reminiscent of the one used to invest King Louis as monarch of France.

Composed of silver tone, light weight  metal, it is adorned with crystals of varying shapes and sizes, resembling diamonds.

The base features a completely round band of crystals, adding drama to the piece.

Highlighting the crown of course, are large fleur d'lys, adding panache and elegance.

The measurements are 4. 5 inches high by 7 inches wide and interior diameter.

Movie studios and serious Royalty memorabilia collectors will find this crown a real treasure to obtain.

Item # K-127-S

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