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Juan Carlos Men's King Crown

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One of our best selling men's crowns, this well crafted piece, features hundreds of European, faceted crystals, set on gold tone metal. 

Versatile, it can be used as a homecoming king's crown, mardi gras king crown or for a theatrical, motion picture production or television programme.

Measures 2 1/ 2 inches in height by 7 inches in diameter. This is a full, round crown, please measure your head prior to ordering, to assure it will fit you.

ITEM # K-15-G 

How to measure your head for a full round crown: 

Take a flexible measuring tape, wrap it around your head, exactly where you wish the crown to sit on. Lay the tape and read the dimension and then, divide it by 3. That calculation, will provide the correct measurement for your crown, according to your head's shape and side. 

If this crown is too large for your head, we can insert a blue colour fabric lining to the interior perimeter of the crown, reducing the diameter by either 1/2 an inch or up to 2 inches. You will need to specify the exact measurement when you place the order. There is no additional cost for this service.