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Ionosphere Pageant Rhinestone Crown

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No other crown in our collection, will make everyone stop in their tracks, to admire the stunning brilliance of this one of a kind creation.

Handcrafted by old world jewelers, with dedication to detail and high quality, the crown is set with a myriad of assorted shaped clear crystals, in varying sizes and angles.

Adding to the effect of the dazzling crystals, is the platinum look, silver plated, rust resistant metal, for that dramatic entrance you have always dreamt of making.

The Ionosphere Crown measures 7 inches in height, with an expandable, adjustable headband.

Not for the faint hearted, this crown is to be worn with panache!

Ideal for traveler brides, ( Bodas Gitanas ), Quinces, beauty pageants, homecoming queens, tv, motion picture productions, theatre, opera and mardi gras parades and balls.