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Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Crown Replica

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In 1893, a committee was formed by Lady Eve Greville to raise funds from the "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland", to purchase a wedding gift for their future monarch, Queen Mary. The total collected was 5,000.00 Pounds. After the purchase of a diamond tiara from Garrard, the noted Royal Jeweler, the surplus monies were given to a charity fund, on Queen Mary's own request, benefiting the widows and orphans of men lost at sea during the sinking of the HMS Victoria.

The tiara, thereafter known as the "Girls of Great Britain & Ireland Tiara", became one of Queen Mary's most cherished wedding gifts and one that she wore consistently.

Today, the tiara is worn prominently by HRH Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and after the King George IV State Crown, it is the most visible, most worn royal headpiece by her Majesty.

Inspired by and in the spirit of this historic Royal tiara, CrownMasters has created an updated version, taking it full circle just for you.

The crown measures 4 inches tall by 7 inches wide and 7 inches across the head. The crown features hundreds of brilliant Austrian rhinestones , in varying shapes and sizes, set on silver tone metal.

Please note, this crown has been created with high quality, sturdy metal, coated with silver, therefore, you may notice slight tarnishing effects, especially in the interior, backside of the piece. Any silver cleaning product, when carefully applied, will return the sheen to the piece. Note also, this is a Full Round crown, it is NOT adjustable.

This is the ultimate bridal crown to walk down the aisle of an Abbey or Cathedral.

Collectors of historical crowns will certainly pride themselves in displaying this stunning masterpiece.

Suitable also for pageants, plays, the opera, theatre, movie productions and costume balls.

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Note: This is one of the most alluring replica's of Queen Elizabeth's crowns,  available anywhere.

CrownMasters, the world's favourite purveyor of quality, British royalty crown and tiara inspired replicas.

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