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Duchess of Alba Wedding Tiara

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The Duchess of Alba, is one of Spain's most beloved public figures.

At her wedding, the Duchess wore a priceless tiara, crafted in diamonds and tear drop pearls, designed in the style of the "Belle Epoque" of European splendour and elegance.

The Duchess has since only worn the tiara on very rare occasions, however, many in Spain remember the special beauty and charm of the piece, representing a time and history in the country's fabled past.

In 1998, the tiara was again seen by the public, when her youngest daughter Eugenia, married famed torero, Francisco Rivera, in Sevilla.

The concept for our tiara is inspired by and based on the style of the original piece, featuring hundreds of faceted European individually set crystals as well as faux tear drop pearls. Mounted on platinum toned high quality metal, the tiara measures 4 inches high at the centre by 7 inches wide. The tiara features an expandable metal headband for comfortable and secure wear.

This tiara is ideal for a bride wishing to wear a romantic, timeless, elegant headpiece.

Perfect crown for traveller brides and traveller weddings.

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