Royal Weddings

On 29 July, 1981, the eyes of the world were transfixed on London, as the young, 
Diana Spencer, married Charles Windsor, becoming the Princess of Wales.

Those who witnessed firsthand the entrance of Diana into Saint Paul's Cathedral, 
will never forget the majestic, ethereal beauty of this beloved member of Britain's 
monarchy. Others, who watched the royal wedding on television, will forever 
remember her regal walk down the aisle, her brilliant, stunning tiara, sparkling 
under her veil.

On 29 April, 2011, Diana's first born, Prince William, married Catherine 
Middleton, in a royal wedding that will also, go down in history.

Kate Middleton's entrance into Westminster Abbey, was every bit the stuff that 
fairy tales are made of. The stunning wedding dress, the veil and tiara, all made her 
"Look and feel like Royalty", even though, at that precise moment, she was still a 

Any bride, has the potential to experience her own "Royal Wedding ", and , "Look 
and feel like Royalty".

CrownMasters specialises in offering brides that regal headpiece, a crown or tiara, 
that will make her walk to the altar, one worthy of a would be duchess, princess 
or queen.  

We offer crowns and tiaras that are inspired by headpieces worn by members of 
the European royal houses, from Sweden to Greece and from Italy to the United 
Kingdom. In our collection, there are tiaras and crowns that evoke the allure and 
romantic history of imperial Russia as well as the era of Napoleon Bonaparte and 
his wife, the Empress Josephine.

You are cordially invited to consider any of these for your own "Royal Wedding".